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Saturday, 15 December 2018

My Bookish Weekly Wrap Up - 15th December 2018 #bookblogger

Hello!  Hope you are well! And calm!!  It's getting closer!! My list of books I want has gone off to Santa so now to wait!!

So on the reading front this week the pace has slowed down - except on the accumulating book front! That seems to have gone into overdrive.... someone needs to stop me!!  I've just read 2 books this week, have 7 new books for the bookshelves and there may have been Netgalley goings on too.... I am beyond help!!

So here's a quick look back at my week!


Loved it!!

Another fabulous visit to one of my favourite places in book land!


Let's start with NetGalley.... 4 newbies for the overstocked shelves there!

Odette by Jessica Duchen
When a swan crashes through her window at the height of a winter storm, journalist Mitzi Fairweather decides to nurse the injured bird back to health. But at sunset, the swan becomes a woman.

This unexpected visitor is Odette, the swan princess – alone, adrift and in danger in 21st-century Britain, entirely dependent on the kindness of strangers. Bird by day, human by night, and with no way to go home, she remains convinced, to Mitzi’s distress, that only a man’s vow of eternal love can break her spell.

Mitzi is determined to help Odette, but as the two try to hide the improbable truth, their web of deception grows increasingly tangled. Can they find a way to save Odette before it’s too late?

Things In Jars by Jess Kidd
Publication Date - April 2019
London, 1863. Bridie Devine, the finest female detective of her age, is taking on her toughest case yet. Reeling from her last job and with her reputation in tatters, a remarkable puzzle has come her way. Christabel Berwick has been kidnapped. But Christabel is no ordinary child. She is not supposed to exist.

As Bridie fights to recover the stolen child she enters a world of fanatical anatomists, crooked surgeons and mercenary showmen. Anomalies are in fashion, curiosities are the thing, and fortunes are won and lost in the name of entertainment. The public love a spectacle and Christabel may well prove the most remarkable spectacle London has ever seen.

Things in Jars is an enchanting Victorian detective novel that explores what it is to be human in inhumane times.

The Age of Light by Whitney Scharer
Publication Date - February 2019

'I’d rather take a photograph than be one,' says Lee Miller, shortly after she arrives in Paris in 1929. Gorgeous and talented, Lee has left behind a successful modeling career at Vogue to pursue her dream of being an artist. There she catches the eye of the famous Surrealist artist Man Ray. An egotistical, charismatic force, Lee is drawn to him immediately. Though he initially wants to use her as a model, Lee is determined to become Man’s photography assistant instead.
As their personal and professional lives become further entwined, Lee is consumed by two desires: to become a famous photographer and to have a healthy and loving relationship. But as Lee asserts herself and moves from being a muse to an artist, Man’s jealousy spirals out of control, and their mutual betrayals threaten to destroy them both.
Richly detailed and filled with a cast of famous characters, The Age of Light is a captivating historical novel about ambition, love, and the personal price of making art. In exploring Lee’s complicated and fascinating history, Whitney Scharer has brought a brilliant and pioneering artist out of the shadow of a man’s story and into the light.
The Glass Woman by Caroline Lea
Publication Date - February 2019
Iceland, 1686. The brutal, lava-scarred landscape can swallow a man without so much as a volcanic gasp.
Jón Eiríksson has just married his second wife in a year. But Rósa's new home in the windswept village of Stykkishólmur is terrifyingly isolated - the villagers are suspicious of strangers and fearful of something which they will not name.
What is Rósa's new husband secret, and why does the spectre of his first wife Anna haunt them so?
Set against the backdrop of the seventeenth-century Icelandic witch trials, in a land governed by religion and fear, THE GLASS WOMAN is addictive, breathtaking, and perfect for readers of BURIAL RITES and THE ESSEX SERPENT.

Received from Readers First for review

Publication Date - May 2019

And then there was shopping! I've been doing my bit to support Indie Publishers again (I really am a saint!!), and my Goldsboro Book of the Month arrived too! Anyone got any spare bookshelves?!

The Gutter Prayer by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan - December Book of the Month from Goldsboro Books

And from Alma Books - signed copies!


And how has your week been?! Read any of these?! Anyone else already panicking about how they plan to read ALL the books they want to in 2019?! 


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