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Monday, 31 December 2018

My Favourite Books of 2018 #bookblogger #bestbooks2018

Where did it go?!  As we reach the last day of the year I thought it was about time I looked back on the books I read in 2018 - and it's been an absolutely astonishing year in terms of numbers of books I managed to read, and the quality of the stories I've discovered!    GoodReads is currently telling me I've read 256 books this year.... yep I'm shocked too!   If you'd like to look at all the books I got through then click here and you'll be able to see them in all their glory!  You'd also think that reading that many books would mean your bookshelves at home would be empty and your TBR pile was a now manageable amount.... you'd be very, very wrong!!!

So choosing my favourite reads of the year has been a nightmare!! My thanks to ALL the authors  and publishers of books that I read this past year for so many wonderful stories! I could have included about 50 of these books that have been outstanding, but have narrowed it down to my Top 25 of books that have just stayed with me, stolen my heart and blown my socks off this year!  In no particular order here they on the title for my GoodReads review link


What a year!  Looking back at those just makes me want to pick them all up again and re-read!! Any of these make your final lists?!  Could so easily have picked so many more but very happy with this little lot as the outstanding reads of 2018 for me!

Roll on 2019!!

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