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Saturday, 2 February 2019

My Bookish Weekly Wrap Up - 2nd February 2019

Hello! Happy Weekend!!  Hope the world is treating you well! It's not treated me to any snow this past week despite it being forecast so I'm a little annoyed! Having to make do with cold temperatures and sunshine instead - how awful!!

Cold weather does mean lots of time indoors though for reading, so it has been another good week on the reading front! 5 books finished and off the pile! And my January 'no buy' pledge was a big success and I've still not bought anything - I know we're only 2 days into February but it's a good start! Wonder how long I can go without being tempted by anything?!

Been lucky to have been sent a few books for review this week though and there may have been a quick visit to NetGalley and one new addition to that shelf!  So here's a look back at how my bookish week has been!


cracking dystopian that left me horrified!

Enjoyable and fun read - could you go social media free for a month?!

Chilling thriller - keep your curtains closed!!

dark and engaging! Loved it!

A funny and touching story !


The Flowers of Evil by Charles Baudelaire

Judicially condemned in 1857 as offensive to public morality, The Flowers of Evil is now regarded as the most influential volume of poetry published in the nineteenth century. Torn between intense sensuality and profound spiritual yearning, racked by debt and disease, Baudelaire transformed his own experience of Parisian life into a work of universal significance. With his unflinching examination of the dark aspects and unconventional manifestations of sexuality, his pioneering portrayal of life in a great metropolis and his daring combination of the lyrical and the prosaic, Baudelaire inaugurated a new epoch in poetry and created a founding text of modernism.
Anthony Mortimer, already praised for his virtuoso translations of Petrarch, Dante and Villon, has produced a new version that not only respects the sense and the form of the original French, but also makes powerful English poetry in its own right.
Beneath the World, A Sea by Chris Beckett 
 Published by Corvus Books - Publication Date 4th April 2019

South America, 1990. Ben Ronson, a British police officer, arrives in a mysterious forest to investigate a spate of killings of Duendes. These silent, vaguely humanoid creatures - with long limbs and black button eyes - have a strange psychic effect on people, unleashing the subconscious and exposing their innermost thoughts and fears.
Ben becomes fascinated by the Duendes, but the closer he gets, the more he begins to unravel, with terrifying results...
Beneath the World, A Sea is a tour de force of modern fiction - a deeply searching and unsettling novel about the human subconscious, and all that lies beneath.

Exploring the wildlife, places, traditions, culture, and personalities associated with spring throughout Europe, and introducing readers to cultural, scientific, and historical research and his recollections of 30 years of continental travel, Laurence Rose paints a vivid picture of one of the world's most significant and beautiful natural phenomena: spring.

Laurence begins his journey in the first week of February, arriving in southern Spain with the storks that herald the beginning of Europe's spring on San Blas Day. Swallows, cranes and, later on, wild swans are his constant companions as he journeys his way north through Spain, France, and the UK, eventually crossing over to Sweden, Finland, and Norway before finally reaching the Arctic Circle four months later.

While on the road, Laurence follows live data from satellites tracking birds as well as other indicators of spring. Throughout his travels, he meets people living closely with nature. He also encounters new behaviours, such as cranes wintering in France, and explores how they link to climate change.

The further north he travels, the more unpredictable the events of spring become. At the end of his journey, Laurence reflects on what he has learned, as the long Arctic days stretch out into 24 hours of daylight.

Published by Allison & Busby  Publication Date - February 21st 2019

Three years on from her fairy-tale country wedding to the deliciously handsome
Charlie Wellbeloved, Bella’s life is far from the ‘happily ever after’ she dreamed
of. Now, heading for the big three-oh at horrifying speed she has gained a
couple of stone from boredom and comfort eating, her fledgling interior design
business is succumbing to infant mortality, she talks to her black Labrador Dolly
more than she does her own husband and now her close friend Maddy has
announced that she’s expecting a baby. How can Bella be happy for them when
she pines for a family of her own and Charlie has barely touched her for
months? Then Charlie meets rich, charming Rufus, who might just have the
answer to their business problems – for a price. How far will Bella go to
preserve her dreams?

THE SCANDAL by MARI HANNAH (via Netgalley)
Published by Orion  Publication Date - 7th May 2019

'Brand new series. Same top-notch writing.' Eva Dolan

When an young man is found stabbed to death in a side street in Newcastle city centre in the run up to Christmas, it looks like a botched robbery to DCI David Stone. But when DS Frankie Oliver arrives at the crime scene, she gets more than she bargained for.

She IDs the victim as Herald court reporter, thirty-two-year old Chris Adams she's known since they were kids. With no eyewitnesses, the MIT are stumped. They discover that when Adams went out, never to return, he was working on a scoop that would make his name. But what was the story he was investigating? And who was trying to cover it up?

As detectives battle to solve the case, they uncover a link to a missing woman that turns the investigation on its head. The exposé has put more than Adams' life in danger. And it's not over yet.


I Owe You One by Sophie Kinsella  via The Pigeonhole


What are you currently reading? Would love to hear some recommendations of what I should add to my TBR pile!


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