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Tuesday, 14 May 2019


Extremely delighted to be here today to share my thoughts on the rather delightful THE WRONG ENVELOPE by LIZ TREACHER. My thanks to the author, publisher and Kelly of  Love Books Group for letting me be part of it all!


Summer 1920. Two worlds are about to collide.Evie Brunton loves her job. Twice a day, she spins along the narrow lanes of Devon on her bicycle, delivering letters from a heavy post bag. When the flamboyant London artist, Bernard Cavalier, drops like a meteor into her sleepy village, everything changes. Bernard is supposed to be painting for an important exhibition, but the countryside has its own charms, in particular his young post lady…Light and witty, and full of twists and turns, The Wrong Envelope is a charming romantic comedy. It captures the spirit of another age – when letters could change lives. 



Liz is a writer, a Creative Writing teacher and an Art photographer. She lives in the Highlands of Scotland with a view of the sea. Her love of images influences her writing. 

Her debut novel, 'The Wrong Envelope', is a romantic comedy, set in 1920 in Devon, England. It tells the story of Bernard, an impulsive artist and Evie, his beautiful post lady. You can watch the trailer on this page, under 'Videos'. Light and witty, and full of twists and turns, 'The Wrong Envelope' captures the spirit of another age - when letters could change lives.

The sequel, 'The Wrong Direction', follows Evie and Bernard to London, and charts their further adventures in Mayfair's high society. Wild parties, flirtatious models, jealous friends - Bernard and Evie must negotiate many twists and turns if they are to hold on to each other.

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I found this to be one of those books that leaves you feeling all warm and snuggly, and pining for days of old when life seemed to be much simpler!  It features characters who are beautifully created and their witty observations really help this story bounce along, and I'm already itching to start reading the next in the series - The Wrong Direction!

Set in post war England in 1920, the story centres around the rather sweet Evie who is a post lady who lives at home with her parents and lives life very simply - nothing much ever happens in Colyton anyway!  But that changes when the artist Bernard arrives in town! Sent by his agent to get away from the distractions of city life, he turns up and can think of nothing worse than being sent to this quiet place but his head has been turned by a woman he met on the train - she's not quite so keen on his prescence in the village but it does begin to make her life a little more interesting!!

Mixed in with their time together are a number of letters, mainly to Bernard from his friend Phoebe who is living in Essex and has an opinion on anything and everything! She's hilarious in her letters!

Another fascinating character is Cassie, the best friend of Evie, who lives a very different life to Evie thanks to having money, but seems to be quite jealous of Evie and it's interesting to see how their relationship alters over the time period we are with them.

I loved the relationship between Evie and Bernard as you can never really be sure how Bernard is - ladies man or sweet and considerate?! He seems to be capable of being both!  When she invites him round to meet her parents it doesn't go swimmingly at all!  I think Evie has her head turned by him as she is intrigued by his character - always unsure of what he will do next and I think Bernard is shocked by how much Evie has gotten under his skin too.

A captivating and enchanting book that takes you back in time effortlessly and has a wonderful mix of characters!