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Sunday, 19 May 2019

The 20 Books of Summer 2019 Challenge #746books #20booksofsummer

It's that time of year again!! Wahoo!!  The lovely Cathy of  746 Books is hosting this wonderful challenge again  to help us get a whole heap of books off our ever increasing TBR piles!!  In a fun way!!

You can choose how many books you want to read from the 3rd June to the 3rd September - 10, 15 or to go for the full monty of 20 and you can choose your own books and even swap them around as you see fit over the Summer!  I know I always start with the intention of reading certain books, but then get tempted by others! That's ok with this challenge! It's all up to you!!

So I've had great fun (!) deciding how to choose books for my 'full monty' challenge this year - it's never easy with so many books to choose from! BUT I've plumped for a LITTLE and LARGE reading challenge for myself this summer!  I've gone for 10 books of under 200 pages (LITTLE!) and 10 books of over 400 pages (LARGE!) in the hope that I can get some of the chunkier books off my bookshelves that I always avoid picking up but mixing them up with the smaller books to give myself little breaks in between - alongside reading blog tour books and other books as normal! Because, why not!!!

So I'm already predicting failure for myself this year but I don't care! I just love being part of it all and hope this little kick up the bum will get me to read the bigger books quicker and to stop being so scared of them all!  Want a look at the pile of doom?!!!


8.  TOKYO UENO STATION by YU MIRI - 180 pages


5.  BRIDGE OF CLAY by MARKUS ZUSAK - 583 pages


7.  SOMEONE LIKE ME by M.R.CAREY - 500 pages


Made things easy for myself haven't I?!  I'm sure I'll crack on well with the LITTLE list so at least I hope to get 10 read this Summer!! We wait and see how I approach the LARGE list! I may need lots of tea and biscuits to get myself through those!

Are you taking part this Summer?! Good Luck if you are - come join us if you aren't already signed up!  Use the #20booksofsummer on Twitter and you can see everyone else who is taking part!!



  1. Fortunately some of your fatter books are very readable so may not even take you as much time as the Virginia Woolf :)

  2. Great choice of books - I love the variety. I am thinking i might have made a mistake because I didn't take length into consideration with my list.

    Happy Reading!

    I'm joining in too -