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Monday, 23 December 2019



Lorina, a young schoolgirl, is led by a black rabbit through a wood to a magical land. There she finds a race of green people, who are all overworked, starving and suffering from the toxic fumes billowing out of a nearby castle. She decides to gain access to the castle for the poor green people, and within its walls she meets the "insiders", selfish creatures who hoard all the resources and treat the outsiders as slaves. Her quest leads her to encounter the bureaurat, the superviper, the farmadillo and, eventually, the awful Piggident himself.Will she be able to save the green people from the cruelty of these "insiders"?

PUBLISHED BY  Alma Classics


Anything that has a nod to Alice In Wonderland is fine by me, and what this book does is cross that with a bit of Animal Farm so has a little bit of everything for readers of all ages to enjoy and was a really enjoyable and quick read.

There's lots for younger readers to enjoy in a story about a young girl standing up for the rights of others while older readers will appreciate the links to AIW and AF, and just to enjoy the fantastical world created by the writer, and all brilliantly illustrated by the wonderful Chris Riddell.

Lorina is aghast at the world she comes across when a black rabbit leads her through the woods to a magical world of green people who are starving and dealing with toxic fumes from a castle.. She finds out about the pigs living in the castle who only care about themselves and as she tries to reason with them, she is faced with their greed and self centred behaviour but she keeps fighting for what she knows is right. It's a story told with heart, and often in rhyme which really adds another layer of enjoyment.

It's super sweet and fantastically funny and it's a book I thoroughly enjoyed


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