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Saturday, 14 December 2019

My Bookish Weekly Wrap Up - 14th December 2019

Hello all! Hoping you've had a fun week bookish wise! All set for Christmas? Still not even put my tree up here - I just can't get in the mood! Think I need to force myself to put up some decorations and then hopefully the festive spirit will follow!

On to books - it's been a fairly decent bookish week for me. Managed to finish 4 books and they were all blooming good so that's always a bonus! Treated myself to a book in a charity shop and there's been a bit of bookpost too so that's always a lovely thing! Just need to catch up with some reviews now.....


Fabulous poetry collection

a proper twisted  thriller!

wonderful novel about Laurel & Hardy

I couldn't resist reading this before release date in 2020 and it's a corker!!


Nothing from Netgalley!! Yay me!

Lady of the Ravens by Joanna Hickson
copy for review ahead of January blog tour

My baptismal name may be Giovanna but here in my mother’s adopted country I have become plain Joan; I am not pink-cheeked and golden-haired like the beauties they admire. I have olive skin and dark features – black brows over ebony eyes and hair the colour of a raven’s wing…

When Joan Vaux is sent to live in the shadow of the Tower of London, she must learn to navigate the treacherous waters of this new England under the Tudors. Like the ravens, Joan must use her eyes and her senses, if Henry and his new dynasty are to prosper and thrive

proof copy for review

Set between German-occupied 1940s Venice and modern-day London, this is a fascinating tale of the bravery of everyday women in the darkest corners of WWII, for readers of Kate Quinn’s The Alice Network and Pam Jenoff’s The Lost Girls of Paris.
Venice, 1943
The world is at war, and Stella Jilani is leading a double life. By day she works in the lion’s den as a typist for the Reich office; by night, she risks her life as a messenger for the Italian resistance. Against all odds, Stella must impart Nazi secrets, smuggle essential supplies across the city, and produce an underground newspaper on her beloved typewriter.
But when German commander, General Breugal, becomes suspicious, it seems he will stop at nothing to find the mole, and Stella knows she faces an uncertain future…
London, 2017
Years later, grieving Luisa Belmont finds a mysterious old typewriter in her attic. Determined to find out who it belonged to, Luisa delves into the past, and uncovers a story of fierce love, unimaginable sacrifice, and, ultimately, the worst kind of betrayal…

bought copy in a charity shop

Introducing a compelling new heroine, Genevieve - office worker by day and pole dancer by night - who finds herself implicated in a mob underworld of murder, corruption and betrayal. Genevieve has finally escaped the stressful demands of her sales job and achieved her dream: to leave London behind and start a new life aboard a houseboat in Kent. But on the night of her boat-warming party the dream is shattered when a body washes up beside the boat, and Genevieve recognises the victim. As the sanctuary of the boatyard is threatened, and Genevieve's life seems increasingly at risk, the story of how she came to be so out of her depth is unfolded, and Genevieve finds out the real cost of mixing business with pleasure..



Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!!