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Tuesday, 31 December 2019

My Favourite Books of 2019!! #bookblogger #favouritereads

The time has come!! Time to look back at the amazing books that have made me laugh and cry in equal measures over 2019. And there has been a lot!!! Making this list never gets any easier!!

GoodReads informs me - I'd be so lost without it! - that I've managed to read 248 books this year! GoodReads 2019 Reading List  So that hasn't helped me in narrowing my list down as so many books have made an impact on me this year, for various reasons!  But I've spent the last few days going through reviews and have come up with this list, of which I think there are 25 titles, of the books that have stayed with me the most. I could have easily done a Top 50 or 75! There's been that many good books this year that I'm glad to have read!

So thank you to the authors and publishers of all the books on my 'read' pile this year as it's been another unforgettable reading year and I'm already itching to start on those 2020 books!!

So, in no particular order, these are the books that have stood out the most for me in 2019 and been my favourite reads, all with 5 star ratings.... click on the book titles to take you to the GoodReads page....


So there we have it! Any of your faves appear on this list?! Hope I've alerted you to a few different titles as well, as I always love looking through other bloggers lists to find books I've not heard much about!  And then hopefully I can add some of those to my faves for 2020.........

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  1. I LOVED Daisy Jones! I don't read much non-fiction but the one about the women killed by Jack the Ripper sounds fascinating! Happy 2020 Reading!