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Friday, 10 January 2020



Come back, one day. Come back to me, just once.

Jane thought she would be alone this Christmas, but will a luxury trip to Norway mend her broken heart? A heart-warming, feel-good festive treat to curl up with this winter.

Heartbroken by a failed romance, journalist Jane Brook is sent to Norway to cover the Queen of the Forest, the Christmas tree given to the people of London every winter. A week of luxury hotels and festive celebrations awaits, all in the company of dashing adventurer Philip Donnelly. Perhaps this is what Jane needs to mend her aching heart?

But, deep in the heart of the snowy forest, Jane makes a startling discovery: long-hidden wartime letters between a young soldier and a mysterious girl. The last letter ends with a passionate plea that was never answered.

Now, only Jane can give this story of love and courage a perfect ending - and in doing so, she might just find her own happy ever after. . .

An enchanting, cosy and sweepingly romantic read, for fans of One Day in December, Seven Days of Us and Christmas at the Crescent.




I found this to be such a breeze to read! It was set in a magical setting and featured a character who you could connect with, as she dealt with a broken heart whilst trying to get on with her life and with the advice of her best friend ringing in her ears, she sets off for a trip she wouldn't normally have gone on, to have different experiences. But as a journalist there's always a story to be sniffed out and she stumbles across one that really touches her heart.

The trip is to Norway to witness the tree being cut down that is sent to Trafalgar Square every year, and she's going with a variety of others including bloggers and minor celebs! Definitely not the normal company she keeps! But she throws herself in whole heartedly, and it's not only the gorgeous snowy scenery that catches her eye!

It's a story that flows really easily and I found myself eager to pick up the book each day to find out what Jane would find herself facing, and with the side story of the missing letters that the wonderful Thomas asks her to find, it just added more depth to just being a 'press junket'. Really enjoyable


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