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Wednesday, 27 May 2020



Friends do nice things for each other, right? 

That’s what Polly Bowman tells herself when she agrees to be her friend Bailey’s ‘fake girlfriend’ to help him keep a promise to his family. After all, Bailey has always supported her through difficult times – he even knows about her secret singing sessions at the local speakeasy bar. 

But maintaining a fake relationship isn’t easy, and when Polly’s meddling but well-meaning group of friends throw her and Bailey together as best man and maid-of-honour for an upcoming wedding, Polly soon realises she’s going to have to confront a few long-kept secrets head on ...



Another fabulous read from Lucy Keeling! I adored the 'will they, won't they' thread of Polly and Bailey as life kept throwing curveballs their way, and throwing them together in often compromising positions!!! It is a follow up to 'Make It Up To You' but can easily be read as a standalone!

Bailey sounds like the kind of man we'd all be queuing up to be his 'fake girlfriend' - supportive, flirty, close to his family and a gardener (clincher for me!!) - so when Polly volunteers to help stop his family asking too many questions about his love life what could possibly go wrong??!! A lot it seems! They've always got on well and confided in one another about things they don't share with others, but the more time they start spending together then the more time they can't stop thinking about one another! Not so good if you're with someone else like Polly is!

The characters of Polly and Bailey are so sweet! She has a secret passion and lacks confidence to share with those around her, but has a good group of friends who are all brought together in the run up to a wedding so maybe it's time she started opening up more. And Bailey is worried sick when there's illness in his family so he's been relying on work and flirting to distract himself He seems to be one of the good guys of the world.

This was one of those books that you find yourself racing through and I was unable to put it down once I started reading, and it was the perfect mix of romance and humour and I hope we get to hear more from the characters in these books in the very near future!


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