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Friday, 18 September 2020

#BlogTour OTHER WOMEN by JEAN LEVY #BookReview @DomePress


Huge thank you to Emily at Dome Press for letting me be part of this wonderful blog tour for OTHER WOMEN by JEAN LEVY.  Read on for my thoughts on this twisty tale!!


Sophie thought she and Jonah were happy, bringing up their small daughter, until one summer's day, she discovers that Jonah is far from the man she thought he was. Sam - an attractive English teacher - seems to offer her some comfort, and new friendships are a support. But is Sam really who he says he is? Where have her new friends appeared from? Is anyone telling the truth? As Jonah's lies threaten Sophie and her daughter, can anyone be trusted?




Jean spent several years in genetics research before abandoning the laboratory to pursue a career in academic publishing both in Holland the UK. She has been a database troubleshooter, an editor, and a writer for publishing houses, pharmaceutical companies and the EU. She has degrees in Botany, Pathology, Philosophy, English, Law and Creative Writing and is currently completing a doctorate in Linguistics. In her spare time she has campaigned for the environment and read a lot of books, the most memorable being Alice in Wonderland, Pride and Prejudice, everything by Margaret Atwood and Jeanette Winterson, and a few things by Sebastian Faulks, Calvino, Ian McEwan, David Mitchell and Shakespeare. She currently lives in a converted barn in the South Downs with her husband and a Heritage Plant Collection, accumulates Christmas tree decorations and aspires to writing multi-genre fiction, travelling on the Orient Express and seeing the Northern Lights.

Twitter: @jeanelevy

 Instagram: @mintperson2018


This is one of those books that grabs you from the get go and doesn't let up until the end! And I loved every minute of this twisty, dark and snappy thriller!  Alarm bells went off in my head about most of the characters at some point and just when I think I'd worked out where the story was going to take me... wrong!!

There are stories within the story here to keep you on your toes and the suspense never lets up.  From the dead body uncovered in the woods after a storm, to a married couple having a domestic until an accident shatters an illusion of a life shared.  And that's when the fun (!) starts!!

I loved the introduction of characters to the storyline of Sophie as she starts to uncover the truth about her marriage. As new people enter her life she wonders how more messed up the situation she finds herself in can get, and shows just how normal family life soon can become dark and dangerous!

The story races along at a great pace and it's full of twists, turns and deceptions - just showing that even those you think you know so well can have their secrets - and not all secrets are good ones!!

A fabulous read and I cannot wait to see what Jean Levy has in store for us next as she's fast becoming one of my favourite authors! 


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