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Saturday, 3 October 2020

My Bookish Weekly Wrap Up - 3rd October 2020


Hello! Happy Saturday! And it's been another one of those weeks where I've not known if I've been coming or going! I'm blaming the full moon!! It's also been the week that saw the demise of my trusty camera so I just hope I can get to grips with the new one I've chosen quickly! I'm sure I'll have fun with it anyway!

It's been a good bookish week though as I've managed to read 4 books - 2 of which made me cry! - and no books have been purchased!! And just two newbies from Netgalley too! I wonder if the rest of October will be just as restrained.....

Here's my look back.....


Just two from Netgalley....

publication date - November 2020

A young woman forced to fight for her beliefs. A chaplain with a secret that could determine the fate of a kingdom.

England, 1452. Under the reign of King Henry VI the country is on the brink of civil war after the Hundred Years’ War.

Young mystic Lady Isabelle d’Albret Courteault’s family is forced to flee the Duchy of English Gascony for a new and unforeseeable life in England. While they become established in the courts, Lady Isabelle discovers dark secrets about their chaplain and tutor. As their growing relationship places her in harm’s way, can she remain steadfast in her promises to uphold the monarchy and her faith?

Set amidst a period of grave uncertainty, this is the story of a woman learning to stand up for her beliefs in a patriarchal world - a beautifully crafted narrative of faith, love and grace.


publication date 30 October 2020

On an icy winter’s day in January 1649, a unique event in English history took place on a scaffold outside of Whitehall: Charles I, King of England, was executed. The king had been held to account and the Divine Right of Kings disregarded. Regicide, a once-unfathomable act, formed the basis of the Commonwealth’s new dawn.

The killers of the king were soldiers, lawyers, Puritans, Republicans and some simply opportunists, all brought together under one infamous banner. While the events surrounding Charles I and Cromwell are well-trodden, the lives of the other fifty-eight men – their backgrounds, ideals and motives – has been sorely neglected.

Their stories are a powerful tale of revenge and a clash of beliefs; their fates determined by that one decision. When Charles II was restored he enacted a deadly wave of retribution against the men who had secured his father’s fate. Some of the regicides pleaded for mercy, many went into hiding or fled abroad; others stoically awaited their sentence. This is their shocking story: the ideals that united them, and the decision that unmade them


I'm in between books!! I hate this part of being a reader!! I can't decide what to read next!! Send help!!


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