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Monday, 9 November 2020




This is the story of Ella.
And Robert.
And of all the things they should have said, but never did.

Through seven key moments and seven key people their journey intertwines.

From the streets of Glasgow during WW2 to the sex, drugs and rock n’ roll of London in the 60s and beyond, this is a story of love and near misses. Of those who come in to our lives and leave it too soon. And of those who stay with you forever…





This was such a unique and touching story, that I'm still thinking of Ella and her life right now, many days after I'd finished the book! I loved the distinctive way in which the story is told and how it helps you connect with Ella and the experiences she had in her lifetime.

From the traumatic opening, the story never lets up on emotion and drama. You get the frustrations and despair that Ella is feeling now in her current situation where she is on a boat which is starting to sink, and has to look our for her grandchild, the grandchild she can't remember the name of because she is showing signs of dementia. In her toughest times she is 'visited' by the memories of those in her past that meant so much to her and shaped her life from childhood to adulthood.

As she looks back, she is reminded of those who had such an impact on her life and these flashbacks to key moments in her life just went to show how different events changed the course of her life. The 'what if' moments, the missed opportunites, the quirks of fate that drew different people into her life at testing times. Something we all experience but it's not often til later in life that we truly see how important, or not!, an encounter or experience is.

I loved how it really showed that just when you think life is going to go one way, then there's often a curveball to change the trajectory of things. As she moves away and moves to London to become a session musician, then her life sees her making some bad choices and you fear the worst for her, but the world works in mysterious ways and the past always finds a way of reminding her of what is important to her.

Her life is full of many highs, and many lows and it was such an emotional experience to relive crucial moments and episodes in her life, added to the drama of what she is experiencing in the present and I have to admit, there were tears! Many tears!! It's a story you just get so involved in and seems to remind you to take note of those people who keep appearing in your own story at difficult times.

A staggeringly inventive and emotional read!



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