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Tuesday, 10 November 2020

#GuestPost CHRISTMAS AT MOONSHINE HOLLOW by ANGELA BRITNELL #PublicationDay @ChocLituk @AngelaBritnell


Always a delight to have a guest post for a Publication Day release, so very happy to hand over the reigns for Books and Me! today to ANGELA BRITNELL on release day for CHRISTMAS AT MOONSHINE HOLLOW!!  

Over to you Angela....

Thank you for inviting me to pop in and say hello to your readers on publication day. I know there are tons of new Christmas books out already or set to be released but I’m almost certain mine is the only one set in Tennessee moonshine distillery!

I’ve been intrigued by the history of illegal southern moonshiners ever since watching an American television show featuring heavily bearded men making moonshine in the woods that they sold covertly in Mason jars while trying to avoid the law. Cole Landon, my fictional moonshine distiller, is the modern legal version of his notorious great-grandfather “Lightening” Landon who certainly fitted the od-time mould. Cole is as proud of his product as his notorious relative ever was and will do anything to save his business when it comes under threat. Research is always an interesting aspect of writing but in this case it proved to be enjoyable too because I needed to visit a real live distillery. The Leiper’s Fork Distillery is only a few miles from my house and although they make whiskey as opposed to moonshine the process is very similar and the owner/distiller has a real passion for his craft that he was happy to share.

Today I’ll raise a glass to the countless generations of Tennessee moonshiners because without them I wouldn’t have a story!


About the book:

Mistletoe and moonshine: a Christmas match made in heaven?

Moonshine Hollow’s famous ‘Lightning Flash’ might be an acquired taste, although the same could be said for moonshine distillery owner Cole Landon, what with his workaholic habits and ‘Scrooge’ tendencies when it comes to all things Christmassy.

But when Jenna Pendean from Cornwall pays a visit to Cole’s family-run distillery in Tennessee during the holiday season, will Cole’s cynicism about the existence of Christmas miracles be put to the test?


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