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Saturday, 28 November 2020

My Bookish Weekly Wrap Up - 28th November 2020


Hello! Happy Saturday!! Hope everyone is well! Just about staying sane here... praise be for books to keep me on the straight and narrow!!

It's been a quieter reading week for me these past 7 days, with just 2 books finished, 1 of which was an audiobook! That's just how it goes sometimes eh!! But I've been well behaved over at Netgalley with just 1 newbie appearing and some rather epic bookpost appearing through the letterbox that made me squeal with delight!!

So here's my look back!



starting at netgalley...


In Second World War Bath, young, naΓ―ve wireless engineer Will meets German refugee Elsa Klein: she is sophisticated, witty and wordly, and at last his life seems to make sense . . . until, soon after, the newly married couple's home is bombed, and Will awakes from the wreckage to find himself alone.

No one has heard of Elsa Klein. They say he was never married.

Seventy years later, Laura is a social worker battling her way out of depression and off medication. Her new case is a strange, isolated old man whose house hasn't changed since the war. A man who insists his wife vanished many, many years before. Everyone thinks he's suffering dementia. But Laura begins to suspect otherwise . . .

From Keith Stuart, author of the much-loved Richard & Judy bestseller A Boy Made of Blocks, comes a stunning, emotional novel about an impossible mystery and a true love that refuses to die.

And then in the post, this wonderful thing appeared....

publication date - March 2021

His name was Joseph, but for years they had called him Panenka, a name that was his sadness and his story. Panenka has spent 25 years living with the disastrous mistakes of his past, which have made him an exile in his home town and cost him his dearest relationships. Now aged 50, Panenka begins to rebuild an improvised family life with his estranged daughter and her seven year old son. But at night, Panenka suffers crippling headaches that he calls his Iron Mask. Faced with losing everything, he meets Esther, a woman who has come to live in the town to escape her own disappointments. Together, they find resonance in each other's experiences and learn new ways to let love into their broken lives.



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