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Saturday, 23 January 2021




Have the tissues ready for this beautifully written, emotional debut novel.

What if you became an outsider in your own life?
Jennifer Hughes doesn’t have an extraordinary life, but that doesn’t matter – she loves her family and enjoys her job as a teacher. In her eyes, her unextraordinary life is utterly perfect.

But then, in the blink of an eye, Jennifer finds herself cut off from everything she knew and loved, confined to a strange new world and forced to watch from a distance as her family and friends pick up the pieces.

Can Jennifer hold her perfect life together, even though she’s not living it herself?










This was a really touching and emotional read that explores the possibility of a loved one watching over you after they've passed, and trying to help you get back on the path of living a happy life despite being overwhelmed by grief and not being able to see a way forward.

Jennifer is killed in a car crash and the rest of her family survive so the story is told from her point of view, as well as through the eyes of her family left behind.  Both viewpoints share that anger, the shock, the disbelief in how their lives have changed and the battles that lay ahead.  

From her point of view, you sense her frustration at the regrets, the injustice of it all and then the suffering of having to watch over her family as they try and move on.  Her husband David is the one who struggles the most and watching him return home without Jen was heartbreaking.  All those reminders of her dotted around, knowing she'll never return.

What gives him comfort is the feeling that she is watching over him, even if his kids think he's going mad with the way he starts acting, and that was the most touching thing about the story!  Those little things that make us feel like our guardian angel is taking care of things and keeping an eye out for us - just having that feeling that you're not alone make all the difference.

A really striking story that will bring a tear to your eye and a warm glow to your heart!


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