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Wednesday, 3 February 2021




With the pace of modern life it can often be difficult to pause, reflect and find composure. We all need a quiet, still space we can go to recalibrate and regain calm.

This beautiful audiobook from bestselling lifestyle author Kate James is that quiet, still space.

Practical, warm and soothingly accessible, Create Calm provides all the tools you need to cultivate a more peaceful and positive inner world.



If you're looking for an audiobook to soothe you, then look no further!! Not only does the narrator/author have an amazingly calming voice, this is also full of amazing little tips and tricks to help you cope with all that modern life throws your way!

I listened to the audioversion of this book from my local library and it was a really informative and helpful listen. How we are all feeling more connected thanks to the internet, but feeling more isolated than ever before and how we deal with that to improve our mental wellbeing and see us through those darker days when we all think the world is against us.

There are tips on sleep, breathing exercises and techniques to try and just finding out what works for you. I liked that the advice was 'sensible' and could easily be tried by everyone and it just made me feel calmer knowing that we're all going through the same things and how the internet especially distorts our view of the world Time to focus inwards rather than out!!


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