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Saturday, 27 February 2021

My Bookish Weekly Wrap Up - 27th February 2021


Hello all! And another month is almost over! February seemed to fly by here - am hoping March feels a little slower! And hopefully sunnier! My garden is already beginning to bloom and I'm excited for the tulips to start showing off soon too!

On to books!  And it's been another good reading week - wish I could say the same for reviewing.. anyone care to do some reviews for me?! - with another 5 books finished.  Still making no impact on the TBR mountain or Netgalley bookshelf thinning though! Maybe next month....

Here's my look back!



 A more restrained week for me this week.... about blooming time! Just 1 from Netgalley..

publication date - August 2021

Will she give her life to save its secrets?

The Rookery, city of secrets, lies and magic, is facing destruction. But does Alice have the power to save her new home?

When Alice discovered this alternate London, her life changed forever. She discovered she was seeing Nightjars – miraculous birds that guard our souls. But her newfound magic has a dark side. So in an effort to protect her friends, Alice is training to wield her rare abilities under House Mielikki – the House of Life. Yet something isn't right. And after a series of attacks leaves her reeling, it's clear someone wants her to fail.

Alice must plunge into a world of seductive magic and unimaginable perils to uncover the conspiracy. And when she discovers why Rookery itself is at risk, she realizes the price she must pay to save it.

The Rookery is the dazzling sequel to The Nightjar by Deborah Hewitt.


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