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Saturday, 29 May 2021

My Bookish Weekly Wrap Up - 29th May 2021


Hello and Happy Saturday once more! Hope all is well in your world! Mine has been a very lethargic world this week, as I had my first Covid jab last Saturday and it has hit me for six energy wise.  Just hoping I get some energy back sometime soon!

So that has impacted my reading this week - there just hasn't been the inclination for me to read!  I managed to get 2 books finished - on the upside, it has also made me stay away from Netgalley and bookshops so that's a positive!!

Here's my quick look back!



My subscription with RENARD PRESS bought me this delight this month

Described by Virginia Woolf herself as ‘easily the best of my books’, and by her husband Leonard as a ‘masterpiece’, To the Lighthouse, first published in 1927, is one of the milestones of Modernism. Set on the Isle of Skye, over a decade spanning the First World War, the narrative centres on the Ramsay family, and is framed by Mrs Ramsay’s promise to take a trip to the lighthouse the next day – a promise which isn’t to be fulfilled for a decade. Flowing from character to character and from year to year, the novel paints a moving portrait of love, loss and perception.

Bearing all the hallmarks of Woolf’s prose, with her delicate handling of the complexities of human relationships, To the Lighthouse has earned its reputation – frequently appearing in lists of the best novels of the twentieth century, it has lost not an iota of brilliance.




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