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Saturday, 8 May 2021

My Bookish Weekly Wrap Up - 8th May 2021


Hello and Happy Saturday!  A mad week of weather here so I'm just hoping things calm down again soon - otherwise the lounge carpet is going to be permanently covered in trays of seedlings I've had to bring indoors for safety!!

I've also been kitty sitting this week for friends - this is Frank, who likes to take things easy and eat a lot!  So that has impacted on my reading time this week while he and his brother Frank demand Dreamies on tap!  But I still managed to finish 4 books and have had 2 new books through the post! I did stay away from Netgalley though... do I get a medal???!

here's my look back...



Keeping the postie busy this week....

copy for review courtesy of Tor Books
publication date - 11th May 2021

For fans of Brandon Sanderson and Patrick Rothfuss, The House of Always is the fourth epic fantasy in Jenn Lyons' Chorus of Dragons series that began with The Ruin of Kings.

What if you were imprisoned for all eternity?

In the aftermath of the Ritual of Night, everything has changed.

The Eight Immortals have catastrophically failed to stop Kihrin's enemies, who are moving forward with their plans to free Vol Karoth, the King of Demons. Kihrin has his own ideas about how to fight back, but even if he's willing to sacrifice everything for victory, the cost may prove too high for his allies.

Now they face a choice: can they save the world while saving Kihrin, too? Or will they be forced to watch as he becomes the very evil they have all sworn to destroy.

published by Peirene Press

In San Agustín de Tango, you can never be sure what’s waiting around the corner.

Over the course of a single day – the day before today – the hero of this novel and his adored wife embark on a journey through the absurd and the surreal, encountering a choir of monkeys and a carnivorous ostrich, travelling from the studio of an artist obsessed with the colour green to the waistcoat pocket of a pot-bellied man.

All the while, the tolling of the bell in the city square pushes their whirlwind adventure towards its fateful conclusion…

A brilliant and bizarre work from an overlooked great of 20th century Chilean literature, in English translation for the first time and with a new introduction by Alejandro Zambra.

Written by Juan Emar.

Translated from the Spanish by Megan McDowell.



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