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Monday, 19 July 2021




Can a summer secret from the past allow a new future to bloom?

For two people who run competing arts centres in Cornwall, Sybill Helyer and Coren Penhaligon get on rather well. So well in fact that Sybill often wishes the owner of Pencradoc Arts Centre would look up from his spreadsheets for a minute and notice her. Unfortunately, even that’s too much to ask from workaholic Coren.

However, when the pair join forces to run an exhibition on the wild and wonderful life of Elsie Pencradoc, a talented artist who lived at Coren’s estate in the early twentieth century, they’re in for a surprise. How will a secret sketchbook and an exquisite gothic dress from a long-ago midsummer costume ball lead them to the scandalous truth about Elsie – and perhaps encourage them to reveal a few long-kept secrets of their own?




The perfect mix of romance, history and family secrets once more in the fabulous Cornish Secrets series - can easily be read as a standalone though too! Kirsty Ferry gets the timeslip genre perfect once more, and has created a wonderful set of characters that you just want to know more about, and keep hoping that they'll get their own book in this series in time to come!!

In this series we flit from the now - with Sybill and Coren, who run competing arts centres but get on really well and co-operate with one another - to the past, 1911 to be precise, when we go back and follow the story of the wonderful Elsie who is at the school of art in London, and dealing with the prejudices of the 'boys club' alongside her own matters of the heart!

As Sybil and Coren work together on an exhibition of Elsies' work, they start to uncover more about this woman and begin to start experiencing some strange moments together, when the past seems to be playing out in front of their eyes.

In the past, Elsie lived a very unconventional life and didn't play by the rules of the time, so her life became quite complicated - this lifestyle and the secrets she tried to keep are uncovered by Sybil and Coren and they become very good at playing history detectives as they go through the archives at their respective homes. And when they become possessed by events from the past, the time they spend together allows them to start opening up to one another too!



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