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Wednesday, 1 September 2021




Bringing the spirit of Christmas to a summer’s day …

Summer by name and summer by nature – that’s how people describe Evelyn’s happy, outgoing daughter. Even if her favourite time of year is actually Christmas!

But Summer has gone through more than any eight-year-old ever should, and that’s part of the reason Evelyn is leaving everything behind to return to her childhood home in the village of Broclington; just her, Summer and Summer’s best friend – a Shiba Inu dog called Tilly. Unsurprisingly, Evelyn is hesitant to let anyone else in, although local vet Jake Macpearson seems intent on winning her trust.

When Evelyn receives the news that every mother dreads, it’s Jake who comes to the rescue. With the help of the Broclington community, could he be the man to bring festive magic to August, and make all of Evelyn and Summer’s Christmases come at once?





If this book doesn't give you ALL THE FEELS , then there is something seriously wrong with you!! I found this to be so emotional, fun, touching, heartwarming.... and everything in between! OOh and it mixes Summer with Christmas - the best of both worlds if you ask me!

Evelyn and her daughter Summer are moving back to live with her mum after some devastating news about poor Summer and her health. It has made Evelyn realise she needs a little more help, and who better to have on hand than Mum! Having dealt with Summer and her ill health on her own for years, thanks to scumbag Charlie!, it's nice for her to be moving back to a place she loved. And with Tilly the dog in tow, she is soon being accepted back into the community with warmth.. Jake the local vet especially seems smitten, with all of them!

Summer is one of those children that never lets anything get her down! She's such a little fighter and I loved her bond with Tilly and her can do attitude! I think she gets that from her mother!

And when she receives more devastating news, the power of community shows itself in spades as a Christmas festival is planned in the height of the Summer months and everybody mucks in, not least Jake who set everything in motion!

This was such a wonderfully uplifting read, full of sweet characters and I was sad to leave them all behind!


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