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Friday, 29 October 2021

#BookReview THE ROYAL GAME by ANNE O'BRIEN #Audiobook



The inspirational story of the Pastons, a family who rose from obscurity to the very heart of Court politics and intrigue during the Wars of the Roses.

England, 1444. Three women challenge the course of history…

King Henry VI’s grip on the crown hangs by a thread as the Wars of the Roses starts to tear England apart. And from the ashes of war, the House of Paston begins its rise to power.

Led by three visionary women, the Pastons are a family from humble peasant beginnings who rely upon cunning, raw ambition, and good fortune in order to survive.

Their ability to plot and scheme sees them overcome imprisonment, violence and betrayal, to eventually secure for their family a castle and a place at the heart of the Yorkist Court. But success breeds jealousy and brings them dangerous enemies…

An inspirational story of courage and resilience, The Royal Game charts the rise of three remarkable women from obscurity to the very heart of Court politics and intrigue.




I listened to the audio version of this book - it was brilliantly read!!

My knowledge of the Paston famiy was zero before reading this book, and now I just want to know all I can!! The author has done a wonderful job of conveying their story through 3 very different female characters - from Margaret who takes charge when her family future is threatened, to Eliza who is downtrodden and controlled by her mother but wants to break free, to Anne who is looking for a suitable marriage - you get to see history and family struggles through their eyes and it is enthralling stuff!

You cannot help but be full of admiration for these women and how they dealt with what life threw their way. It really brought to life the struggles of the time, especially of women who were expected to sit quietly and do nothing to rock the boat. Margaret especially wasn't that kind of character, and I just loved her sense of justice even if it meant putting herself in danger. It showed how unfair life was for them due to their sex and it is all played out alongside a turning point for the country with the War of the Roses and all the political upheaval. It was very uncertain times for many, and these women and their personal battles were a wonderful way to explore such an interesting period of history!

A brilliant piece of historical storytelling and I'm already eager to read the sequel!!


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