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Tuesday, 11 January 2022




**The brand new novel from Holly Hepburn, perfect for fans of Cathy Bramley and Katie Fforde.**
Originally published in four parts this is the full story in one package. 

When Hope loses her husband, she fears her happiest days are behind her. With her only connection to London broken, she moves home to York to be near her family and to begin to build a new life.  
Taking a job at the antique shop she has always admired, she finds herself crossing paths with two very different men. Will, who has recently become the guardian to his niece after the tragic death of her parents. And Ciaran, who she enlists to help solve the mystery of an Egyptian antique. Two men who represent two different happy endings.
But can she trust herself to choose the right man? And will that bring her everything she really needs?

The brand new novel from Holly Hepburn, author of Coming Home to Brightwater Bay





This was a wonderfully heartwarming story following Hope who is on a journey to find some happiness again, after recently losing her husband. She moves to York to be nearer family, and finds herself drawn to a little treasure trove of a shop that she was always drawn to as a child, who are advertising for a part time role! It's almost like her destiny to be at that shop! And what a shop it is! Full of hidden treasures, and wonderful objects that always have the customers, and staff!, intrigued and ready to buy!

she's a perfect fit for the shop as she has a great imagination which helps put a story behind each item and when Will and young Brodie enter the shop, they are smitten with all the items, especially an old puzzle box, which young Brodie helps to open - and that leads to an Egyptian mystery to be solved!

This is a story full of wonderful characters overcoming various challenges in their lives, and the need to find out more about the past revealed in the puzzle box allows them to detach a little from reality and escape into a different time and place. Just as I did as a reader as I could picture myself in the little shop and on the streets of York.

Just one of those books that you find yourself savouring every page of! Loved it!


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