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Saturday, 1 January 2022



HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Let's see what 2022 has in store for us eh!!!   The madness has to end sometime doesn't it?!!!

So the start of a new year brings about the chance to start afresh and that means a new plan of attack for me on the book front!  I'm sure I said the same this time last year, but I really mean it this year...... honest 🤣  I should make it more simple for myself - read more, buy less!! Easy!!


Stop being distracted!!! I'm looking at you social media!! And while it's a brilliant way to give me ideas of great new books to read, it's also a major sucker of time when I should really be reading so I need to find a way to limit myself to endlessly scrolling and watching what other people are reading instead of focussing on the books piled here I already have!


Failed miserably on this front last year! I promised to stop requesting books on a whim, but just kept clicking!!  So the NG shelves are overflowing so I really need to NOT request anything until I've cleared the shelves to a reasonable amount!!  How long do you think I'll hold out on that one??!! 


I think I was actually more restrained last year to be fair - buying books with gift vouchers given to me don't count!! - so I'm pleased with myself on that! BUT the various book shelves round the house are still too full which makes finding room for newbies an impossible task! And I've unhauled some thanks to the We Buy Books app which has helped a little, but it still needs to remain under control! I'm now part of3 book subscriptions for the year ahead - Goldsboro, Renard Press & Fahrenheit - so I'm hoping this may temper my book buying urges a little more!


I listened to way more last year than ever before, so hopefully I can carry this on! I have found the library app - Borrowbox - a brilliant way to give me access to free audiobooks which I can then listen to when I'm cross-stitching or gardening! Yay for multi-tasking


Again, I've read more non fiction than ever before and I loved the whole experience!  It's nice to be actually learning more about a variety of subjects - mainly history, gardening and wellbeing - so I really want to carry this on! 


I'm still unable to read a book without making notes - sieve brain at work! - so I need to find a better way of putting my many notebooks to good use! Or just give me an excuse to buy yet more notebooks that I then decide I can't write in as they're just too pretty!! That needs to stop for sure!!


I love being part of them!! And it often introduces me to something a little different so I love that! I maybe just need to limit myself to less each month, as it does often become a chore when you know the clock is ticking down to get a review done by a certain day.  I need to be more picky!!

8.  LET GO!!

The book hoarding must stop!! I've made slight  inroads on the decluttering of my book shelves throughout the year, but I'm still holding on to way too many books that I'm never going to read again!  I need to set them free to find new book homes!  And try and understand why I get so attached to things that I find it impossible to let go of them!  Detachment lessons are needed!!


With various book shelves in various rooms, my filing system is shocking! There are read books alongside unread, non fiction alongside fiction - no wonder I can often never find things! So I need to find a new system that works better for me - although it may be a little scary if I start to put the unread books together!! That's a pile I don't want to face up to!!!


My reading past on this front is very poor so I really want to dip my feet back into the old classics that I probably should have read at school but found a way around not reading them!  I think it's often the different writing styles and language that put me off but I think the more classics I read, the more I'll get in that zone!


Let's see if I can last January at least with this little lot.......🤣  Wish me luck!!   

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