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Monday, 11 July 2022

#20BooksOfSummer2022 Catch Up Reviews!! Two for One! #BookReviews


A double dose of reviews today as the sunshine has kicked on my reading speed!  If it goes on much longer I might be able to finish my whole 20 Books of Summer list in a week haha!!


This is book 7 of my 20 books of summer 2022.

A tense and dark read that me flicking the pages very quickly to find out more, but feeling a little uneasy about how much I didn't care for many of the charaters!! They weren't the most likeable of people, and my thoughts were with the child who goes missing. Her parents seemed to be inconvenienced by her being around, and the nanny they brought in, Dee, seemed a little too obsessed with the goings on around the family! My spidey senses were tingling throughout just wanting the little girl to be treated normally!

The story begins as the daughter goes missing, sparking a nationwide hunt, and Dee is being questioned by police over what she saw leading up to the disappearance and what she learned from being with the family. She then recalls life from when she was first offered the job, to time spent with the child, and all that she learned about the mum and dad from seeing them close up, all while hinting there's skeletons in her own closet!

I liked the way the story was told, in the form of the police interviews, always hinting as to more going on that what we know and it played out at a nice pace to keep you interested and second guessing how things would turn out! A gripping page turner!


This is book 8 of my 20 Books of Summer 2022.

This was a whole ray of magical light on my reading journey! I have the other books of The Wilde Investigations series in my possession, but jumped right in with this short novella, and now I'm itching to go back and read the first 3 in the series to see what else I've been missing out on!

This is cosy crime with a mystical, magical feel! Yannia is in Sussex attending a Mage wedding and things start to go wrong with the discovery of 2 dead doves in the dining room - is someone trying to stop this wedding? More keeps happening to dampen the mood so Yannia offers to investigate, with the help of the groom, and they, along with the Hearth Spirit, Wishearth, start to find out what is behind all the sinister goings on, and it was fabulous fun! I loved the whole feel of this story - the spells, the interaction between the characters and it really had that old fashioned crime feel as they get to the bottom of things, but with the added twist of using spirits and spells to help along the way!


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